• Unannounced (Mobile PvP)

    Unannounced mobile multiplayer title, with focus on base defense and multi-hero micro gameplay. Streaming parts of the development live over at twitch.com/gamedevtrain, Tuesday – Friday 9PM CET.

  • Unannounced (Mobile Soccer)

    Unannounced mobile soccer title

  • Nampa Holiday

    Nampa Holiday is the latest addition to the Nampa app family. Nampa apps get their inspiration from the colourful and humorous world of animations, however instead of just watching film clips, the child will be able to actively participate!

    The app includes eight interactive mini-games. At first, the child gets to choose how to travel, by bus, airplane or train. An eventful journey with the chosen mode of transport will end in the sunny holiday destination filled with kids’ favourite activities: water slides, banana boats, swimming, building sand castles and choosing groovy outfits for the beach – without ever forgetting the sun lotion!

  • Tiki Taka World Soccer

    Lead your nation to football glory in the latest international tournament’s.

    Experience every exciting moment the beautiful game can provide and take on your friends for the first time with local multiplayer!

    Tiki Taka World Soccer has a control system and gameplay perfectly designed for touchscreen. Create magical goals and flowing moves.

    • Based on the same game engine as TikiTaka Soccer, but a with wide range of improvements to game play and AI.
    • Challenge for the 2016 France Cup and 2018 Russia Cup.
    • Over 50 national teams
    • Multiplayer conversion (Supports local play atm)

  • Nampa Tivoli

    Nampa Tivoli amusement park, a place full of fun activities, surprises and of course, disco dancing!

    It’s all about fun play with no chance of failing. There is no score counting and every session, however played, ends with disco dancing!

    The app includes six mini-games. The kids can decorate their own roller coaster carts, run an ice cream stand, giggle in front of the funny mirrors, ride the magical disco wheel and lots more!

  • Tiki Taka Soccer

    Tiki Taka Soccer is a 2D football game with controls and gameplay designed specifically for the touchscreen. Take a team to the peak of club football earning cash and experience to improve both your team and your management abilities.

    Visit panicbarn.com for more info

    • Real-time football simulation
    • European league and cups
    • Manager RPG elements
    • Optimized player kit colorization
    • Backend for teams, players and control of game engine
    • In-app purchase

  • Nampa Forest

    Nampa Forest includes five mini-games with rewards that make you want to dance!

    The award-winning Nampa Forest, takes the kids into a colorful world where they can play with Nampa characters in a field of daisies, blow up balloons with help of bees, do wild jumps into water, catch some funny-looking fish and create crazy outfits for the final party! And of course there are lots of surprises in between…

  • Turkey and the City

    Holiday themed game in which you are a runaway turkey chased by the farmer Bob. Endless runner with free world movement in a randomized world.

    • Randomized world
    • Dynamic road/car system
    • Slow down time
    • Power ups
    • Multiple themed world sections
    • Leaderboard
    • Web app
  • Kiragon

    3vs3 online MOBA game in 2D with focus on spell combinations, teamwork and tactics! Players customize their spells and join up to battle in an arena against an other team, the team with the most magic points at the end wins!

    • Real-time multiplayer using PlayerIO
    • Customizable character spells
    • Solid backend for level creation/integration
    • Friends / Party / Chat
    • Web app (discontinued)
  • Trivia Trophy

    Trivia Trophy combines the classic questionnaire with tile matching gameplay. Answer as many questions correct as you can to gain bonus time in the tile matching round. The twist in the gameplay is that the entire board can be scrolled in four directions!

    • Match-gems gameplay
      with a scrollable board
    • Extensive administration tool for questions, categories, information, sessions, statistics and more
    • Facebook and iOS app (discontinued)
  • Bawdy of Language

    A fun and exciting multiplayer word search game based on the Bawdy Language book by Lawrence Paros. The word origins of curse words, sex slang words and profanity.

    • Hangman inspired trivia gameplay
    • Asynchronous multiplayer
    • Leaderboards
    • In-app purchase
    • Administration tool for questions, categories and statistics
    • iOS / Android / Web (discontinued)
  • Might of Ancient Remnants

    Might of Ancient Remnants is a MOBA game with support for up to 3vs3 battles. The game also has a singleplayer survival mode, 3 playable characters with a skill tree setup containing 6 skills for each character. Visit moaronline.com for more information.

    • Real-time Multiplayer using Photon
    • Singleplayer Survival
    • 3 Playable characters
    • 6 Abilities per character

  • Testimonials

        Working with Twoorb Studios these past few years has allowed us to shift our focus and resources to the creative elements of our games, without compromising the tech behind it. They are very proactive with opening and maintaining a line of communication. They consistently make sure we are updated with the state of the game and the schedule of the project. The lead developer had the technical expertise to create the solutions needed for our heavily server dependent multiplayer game. Their team has made game development an enjoyable experience for our team, when it can become quite the opposite experience in the hands of the wrong dev studio.
     – Novel Media Entertainment

     logo_nampaTwoorb Studios has developed all three of our Nampa kidsapps for iOS & Android and have done it with excellence. The team is fantastic to work with; there are tons of expertise, all the issues that may arise are fixed and the given budget holds. We will definitely work with Twoorb Studios again in our future app development projects.
     – Sara Vilkko, Nampa Design

    panicbarnTwoorb Studios developed our Unity based soccer game Tiki Taka Soccer and supporting technologies. At every deadline we asked ourselves if the work was to an exceptional standard and if the working relationship allowed us to create the vision of the game. Twoorb surpassed our expectations at every stage. Game designs were understood and implemented and when problems occurred elegant solutions were created. The best reference we can give is we have returned to Twoorb to complete the full version of Tiki Taka Soccer without hesitation.
     – Tim Constant, Panicbarn

     kvetchpressIt was a joy working with Twoorb. They are a highly professional operation, creative, and technologically knowledgeable. They are generous with their time and always available for consultation. They work hard to insure the client’s wishes are met and respond to their every request in a timely fashion.
     – Lawrence Paros, Kvetch Press

    reachsomeTwoorb Studios has developed our web- and mobile-game Trivia Trophy. The team has been extremely dedicated, friendly and helpful. Twoorb Studios kept their deadlines and stayed within the given budget. Overall we are very pleased with the development process and the result.
     – Christian Geltenpoth, Reachsome

What you can expect

  • Your vision

    Through an iterative process we go from your vision to finished product. We will be there every step of the way, from pre-production to final release and beyond!

  • Your Game

    The most important aspect for us is to provide you with a solid game that we are proud to deliver. To ensure we get there, the development is split up in several stages in order to minimize cost and make sure everything is on track for success.

  • More than a game

    Publishing a game requires more then just the finished product; administration tools, meta data, trailers, website, promotional material, press releases, additional art work, etc. No need to find a 3rd party, we can do it all!

  • The cloud

    Social, multiplayer, persistent? Many game features needs a backend, we have experience in developing this using a variety of technologies, so finding the best match for your game won’t be a problem.

  • End result

    No project is too big or too small and you don’t need any prior game development experience, the end result will be the same: A complete package that fulfills your needs (even the ones you didn’t know you had)!

How we work

  • Pricing

    Based on our hourly rate (60 USD) we create a fixed or ranged estimate depending on the amount of documentation and design that you supply. An upfront payment is required, then we charge on a milestone basis connected to a delivery to you.

  • Design / Pre-production

    Depending on your needs we will guide you through the pre-production phase to make sure the development goes as smoothly as possible. Regardless of your prior experience we suggest that you spend time with our designer to match your vision to our workflow.

  • Development

    Prototypes, proof of concept, first playable, alpha/beta versions and finally, release candidates. Throughout the development cycle you will get continuous reports and builds for you to evaluate to make sure your needs are met.

  • Post-production

    Last step is to create any content related to the release of your game. Most of this can be done throughout the development cycle as a marketing strategy in order to raise awareness of your game as soon as possible.

  • Calendar

    When are we available?

    All available days are marked in green. Even if the date you have in mind is booked, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are expanding our development team and may be able to fit you in!

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